Wheelchair Swing

18th March 2021


    Please speak with a member of the team if you require help.

To secure a wheelchair:

STEP 1 – Check swing is secured to ground anchor point.

STEP 2 – Lower the ramp.

STEP 3 – Load wheelchair onto cradle of swing, in forward facing position.

STEP 4 – Apply wheelchair brakes.

STEP 5 – Connect front tie downs first. Connect front tie downs to swing cradle runners by holding in position and lifting Yellow button. Slide tie down forward to lock into position. The Yellow button should click downwards when secure (Mechanism should look like the below image when secured).

STEP 6 – Click Karabiner onto front wheelchair. Push Yellow lever downwards to extend belt to the suitable length.

STEP 7 – To retract the belt, twist the black knob so belt is taut and wheelchair feels secure creating an angle of around 40 to 60.

STEP 8 – Repeat the same process with the rear tie downs, ensuring the straps are approximately the same length.

STEP 9 – Before use, ensure the wheelchair is secured in 4 places.

STEP 10 – Unlock the swing cradle from the floor anchor point, lift the ramp and secure.


    To secure a wheelchair:

    STEP 1Secure the swing cradle to floor anchor point.

    STEP 2 – Lower the ramp.

    STEP 3Press Yellow lever to allow slack to be placed on strap so Karabiners can be removed from the wheelchair.

    STEP 4Offload wheelchair from swing cradle.

    STEP 5 – Raise ramp and secure the swing.

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