1st February 2021

valais sheep

Valais sheep are dubbed ‘the cutest sheep in the world’ and are extremely rare in the UK, in 2016 there were only 400. The first Valais sheep arrived in the UK in 2012 after being featured on the BBC’s Country file programme and caught the attention of many sheep enthusiasts. Emma Collinson was the first person to import the breed into the UK In 2014. Our sheep are called Indie & Issac


Did you know that baby Sheep are called Lambs!

DORPER sheep

Dorper sheep originate from South Africa, where they were developed by the South African Department of Agriculture in the 1930s to create a sheep suited to arid conditions. They were created by crossing Dorset Horn and Persian Blackhead sheep. Dorper sheep grow quickly and naturally shed their fleece. Dorper sheep have a characteristic black head and drooping ears. Bobby & Bertie can often be found ‘shouting’ very loudly for attention!


Did you know that a group of Sheep are called a Flock!


Southdown sheep are a small native breed originating from Sussex. They are an ancient breed and have been used to create a large number of modern sheep breeds. Southdowns are popular with smallholders due to their small size and calm nature.  Southdowns are naturally polled (they are born without horns). They are very friendly, and you will find Spot and Shaun will usually come over to say hello!

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