2nd February 2021

Our Rabbits

Make sure you come and say hello to our Continental giant rabbit Luna! 

In 2009, a Continental giant called Ralph from Sussex made it in to the Guinness World Records as being the heaviest rabbit. He was almost 25Kg (about the weight of a 7-8 year old).

The continental giant rabbit is the largest breed of rabbit and has been a recognised breed since 1893.


Did you know that baby Rabbits are called Kittens!

The Miniature lop or Mini lop rabbit is extremely popular as a pet due to the small size and generally docile nature.

We have two Mini lop rabbits:

  • Poppy is black
  • Lylah is blue and white

Mini lop rabbits have only been around since 1972. In the USA, Miniature lops are known as Holland lops.


Did you know that a group of Rabbits are called a Colony or Herd!

The Lionhead rabbit is a very recent breed, developed in Belgium. The breeder originally wanted to create a small long-haired breed, but the offspring were born with what is now the characteristic short coat over the body with long hair forming a mane. It is a popular pet breed due to its size and appearance.

We have four Lionhead rabbits called; Buttons, Autumn, Comet and Ash.


Rabbits need mainly hay and/or grass, some leafy greens and a small, measured amount of pellets. Carrots are very high in sugar, so should only be the occasional treat!

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