1st February 2021

Our Goats

Here is some information on our resident goats at Fairfield Animal Centre! Make sure you stop by the ticket office to pick up some feed, as they’ll certainly come and say hello!

Albert is an Anglo Nubian goat and is quite elderly. He came to the Hope Nature Centre after his owners could no longer keep him as a house pet. The Anglo Nubian goat is a British breed developed in the nineteenth century by crossing native British goats with large lop-eared goats from India.

Daphne and Dilys are pygmy goats and they are twin sisters who were born at Fairfield Farm College. They were born in May 2019. Their dad is Nintendo who also lives at Hope Nature Centre. Dandelion is their older half-brother. Their mum was called daffodil and sadly died when they were very young. Their names reflect hers Daphne (Daff)-O-Dilys (Dill)


Did you know that baby Goats are called Kids!

Florence is a French Alpine goat who was donated to the park, so we know little of her background. The French Alpine goat is a dairy breed originating from the French Alps. The French Alpine goat is a completely different breed to the British Alpine, which are always black with white ‘Swiss markings’


Did you know that a group of Goats are called a Herd!

Oopsie-Daisy is a Toggenburg-cross who was born in March 2018 at Fairfield Farm College. Sadly Oopsie’s mum rejected her at birth, so she was hand-reared by the staff and students and became a firm favourite at the college, even attending some classes before moving to the Hope Nature Centre. Oopsie knows her name if you call her, and she will often bleat back.

Jim-Bob and Percy are British Guernsey type goats and were born in 2017. British Guernsey goats were created by crossing the rare-breed Golden Guernsey (originating from the Channel Island of the same name) with larger dairy breeds such as Saanen.


Goats need a carefully balanced diet of high quality hay, grass, ‘browsings’, and additional supplements.

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